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Publifico is one of the fastest growing agencies for integrated marketing communications in Bulgaria.


In a world of accelerated change, we believe that every brand should capture timely innovation in the industry, not only by adapting, but also by dominating the competition. It is important for us to create a high standard of creative thinking, generating new and innovative ideas.


As professionals who have worked on numerous projects of a different nature, we know that each business has its own specifics. We immerse ourselves into the essence and the mechanisms of action of your business so that we can apply the best and most appropriate marketing techniques.


An important part of advertising is its measurement. Not every creative idea could bring the desired result. We will routinely measure the success of our campaigns, analyze and adapt all advertising activity, ensuring its quality and efficiency. 


     Branding & Strategy

Your brand is the essence of your business. It is not only an expression of your passion, but all that the client associates you with . We will grasp what makes your business unique on the market and we will make sure to bring this up by building strategies to ensure that when the consumer looks for a specific product or service, they will first think of you.

         Design & Print

We create visual concepts that express ideas which inspire, inform and attract consumers. We develop a complete layout and production design for various applications such as advertising and promotional materials, posters, brochures, catalogues, business cards, menus. We also provide high quality printing. We work with the best printing houses and designers.

         Website & Blog

The website is the main starting point for your brand's online presence. Not only can we create a website to suit your needs, but we will also maintain your existing website by updating it with the necessary information. In addition to blogging, we can also bring you third party endorsement from influential bloggers we work with, reaching an even larger audience and raising awareness of your brand.

      Photography & Video

We can provide professional photography for your business needs to capture the specifics of the activity. We will then distribute the footage through all channels we use to promote the brand, from the website to the social networks or in the promotional materials. The video is a great way to show to your audience your work in process and the end product in all its aspects.

             Event management 

Need help organizing an event that is important to you? We can offer full services for your corporate party, birthday, team building, wedding, conference or any other occasion.


We can develop a digital marketing strategy to reach out to a bigger audinece, setting up and optimizing the execution through preliminary analysis and a precise profile of the potential client. We will make sure that the targetting is accurate and we will carry out your digital advertising on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

           Social Media

Social networks are already an integral part of communication channels. Every brand should be present on at least one social network regardless of the nature of the business in order to communicate successfully with its customers. We will find the right mix of content so that we can reach the consumer in a natural and cost-effective way.

        Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is an initiative of the corporation to assess and take responsibility for its impact on the environment and social welfare. Such activities include social charity actions or, for example, the application of environmentally friendly technologies in business. We will help you choose the most suitable for your business and make sure that your company will retain its positive image in the public sphere. 

        E-mail & Promotions

We offer strategy building and management of your email marketing campaigns in order to increase revenue opportunities. We can also save you the trouble and create promotions to boost sales. We combine structuring and visualization of promotional offers, we develop concepts of discounts, samples, gifts, coupons, vouchers, and so on.

       Listing on web platforms

Depending on the nature of the business, there are various specialized promotional platforms such as,, Hotel & Leasing and We will take care of your presence on these platforms, by professionally maintaining it and updating it, providing you with another great channel to attract new customers.

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Basic - 300 BGN / month

  Register and maintain up to 3 social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (or other). Posts and designs up to 3 times a week.

  Build, design and send out up to 2 promotional mail campaigns

  Create and maintain up to 1 ad campaign per month on Google and social networks

  Website Support

Pro - 500 BGN / month

  Register and maintain up to 5 social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (or other). Posts and designs up to 5 times a week.

  Build, design and send out up to 3 promotional mail campaigns

  Create and maintain up to 2 ad campaigns per month on Google and social networks

  Website Support

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